IFASA Captain

     Starting in the 2018 season, IFASA team captains will individually receive a $20.00 discount upon return of their team's bucket and equipment at the end of the season. The discount will be reduced if equipment is missing.

IFASA Multi-League

     Thank you for participating in an additional* USASoccer-affiliated league! Please use the code provided to receive your discount.

     Discount (Code):     $25.00 (DISC-IDAH537)    For 2nd Team Registration 

 *Please understand, the MULTI-LEAGUE codes are NOT APPLICABLE to the first league you register for. Registering for leagues in addition to your first league allows you to apply the discount codes provided. Also, additional leagues that this discount covers are leagues that are USASoccer-affiliated. As of 05/2015, Liga Latina Idaho Falls and IFASA are the only USASoccer affiliated summer leagues in Idaho Falls. Therefore, there will only be a discount for registration on teams within these leagues. A $5 processing fee and an additional form must be submitted with DUAL REGISTRATION status clearly defined in order to qualify for the multiple team discount. See further information below.

**Please note: Each discount code can only be used one time per individual per team. Therefore, please list the reason behind multiple discount codes listed. Please contact Devin Imholte ( or 703-635-4295) with questions.

Improper use of a discount code may result in an additional $5.00 processing fee as well as ineligble status if the correct registration amount is not resolved a minimum of 72 hours prior to game time.

ISSA Bylaw Description of USASoccer-Affiliated League Discount:


                       SECTION  1.     Once an individual is registered with the ISSA that person can play on more than one team and in more than one league.  The individual must be in good standing with the ISSA with their annual fees paid, a completed adult player registration form on file for each team and an official USSF player pass in their possession.  The player pays a fee to be determined by the board to cover the cost of filing with the Federation, USASA and ISSA for each additional team.

                       SECTION  2.     The player must also be in good standing within the league or leagues in which they play,  all fees paid and registration forms completed and on file.

                       SECTION  3.     The player must also be in good standing with the team or teams in which they play, all fees paid and notification to the team that they are multiple team players.

                       SECTION  4.     Players cannot play on multiple teams within a league or division of that league.  For example if Player â??Aâ?? is on team 1 in the first Division; they cannot be on team 5 in that same division of that same league.  But,  player â??Aâ?? can be on team 1 in the first division and on team 3 in a CO-ED league and on team 6 in the over 30 league and on team 1 in an indoor league semi-competitive Division.

                       SECTION  5.     The player pass fee is good for the seasonal year.  Each player must pay a team fee for each and every team for which they play, to the ISSA, prior to their actual playing, through an appropriate league.  Or if the league is set up on a calendar year the pass is good for one full Calendar year.

                       SECTION  6.     The players pass can be revoked should a player play on an organized team in an organized league that is not affiliated with the Federation through the ISSA if there is an organized affiliated league in progress in the area.

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