Old Butte Soccer Complex - Lighted Fields

  1. Address

    Old Butte Road
    Idaho Falls, ID 83401

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 1 (Lighted Field) This is the most southern field.
    2. Field 2 (Lighted Field)
    3. Field 3 (Lighted Field)
    4. Field 4 (Lighted Field) This is the most northern field.

    Old Butte Soccer Complex - Lighted Fields

    As of 2018, the Old Butte Complex Fields have been renumbered. The lighted fields are Fields 1-4, and the unlighted fields are Fields 5-12. The lighted fields are directly off of US20. While the unlighted fields, which IFASA typically play at, are off of W/Old Butte Road.

    Take Broadway/US-20 west toward Arco, approximately 2.1 miles past I-15. Continue past the traffic light at 26th W/Old Butte Road - The fields light poles should be viewable from US-20. After the traffic light, turn right onto Ernest Drive. The fields are are accessible from the gravel parking lot.

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